Tuesday, 09 November 2010 18:51

Tourettes Karaoke - Lionel Richie -  Hello

Recorded same day I did 'Power of Love.'  I was in 2 mindsets about whether to upload this one.  I wasn't too happy with the audio; I just can't get the hang of this bloody new webcam.  Anyhoo, as you know by now, I was ticcing and there was a gap.  Only Lionel Richie would do.



Why I Did It

What can I say? I recorded this before I did Frankie; the potential comedy element wasn't lost on me. The song contained so many pregnant pauses I knew it would be a total tic-fest, and it was. I think I recorded this one about 5 times. Some of them were so heavily laden with obscenities that all sense of the song was lost. The cheese element of this track is so off the scale, it ceases to be cheese anymore; it becomes something else entirely, almost spiritual naffness.



Let me start by saying ...
I love you ...

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