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Monday, 08 November 2010 23:13
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I am married and have 3 kids.  I read Tarot cards, do astrology, love fringe science, write poems/ditties/short songs, smoke, drink, etc.

I enjoy reading ... oh yes, I have Tourette's Syndrome.

The full blown kind.  You know, swearing and aggressive jerking and all that.

Oh yeah, I also have Asperger's Syndrome.

I was diagnosed at age 31. I have tics that are triggered by sensory input or any changes to my routine, and tics that are cycle based.

I deal with it in a number of ways.  One of them is Karaoke.



About Guy - the long version

Born in 1975 - Aquarius -  5'11" (1.8 metres) - 11 stone 5 pounds (165 pounds)

I grew up in Essex in the UK and went to numerous primary schools; we moved around quite a bit. As a child, I was anxious and high-strung. I asked questions of my poor mother all the time. I could never relax and had to be always on the go. And I was a fussy eater.

When I was younger, I had walking problems and had to relearn how to walk properly; consequently, my knees grew out of alignment and were prone to 'locking up,' causing me to fall to the ground. For years, I had to concentrate whenever I walked.

My father (undiagnosed Aspie*) left when I was 6 years old. I continued to see him on a two-week basis for a very short time, but that petered out very quickly as the whole process was too upsetting for me (I was told). I didn't see him again until I was 15.

My mother married again to a man whom I now refer to as my father, which is a little strange because he is only 15 years my senior, but nonetheless, he was there filling the role, and as far as I am concerned, he did a cracking job.

At senior school, my Aspie nature really took over. I had no real interest in women; I got my kicks from working hard and achieving goals I had set for myself. To illustrate, when I was to go up to high school from primary school, I insisted that my parents buy me a briefcase. My vision of school was very much "You go there to work, and learn, and everybody takes it seriously. You will be treated like an adult."

Obviously, this couldn't be further from the reality. On the first day of high school, my briefcase and I were laughed at … hard. It was taken from me and launched into the air by older kids (I was an extremely small 11 year old). When I got home I insisted that my parents buy me a 'normal' bag.

As the years went on, my school work ethic was replaced by the need to learn social protocol. This took years and all my resources; in fact it was so stressful I couldn't wait to leave the school environment and start work as an adult.

The mere notion of carrying on and going to college or university sickened me; I wanted to leave the concept behind of being forced to work alongside people you would never choose to share time with.

Numerous jobs later at the ripe old age of 21, I met my wife. She was 18 at the time and the friend of a former girlfriend. As I forget what type of person I was, my wife describes me as an angry person who drank a lot, hated people and could never relax.

*Aspie – slang for Asperger's


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